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Variable Data

Variable Data Printing (VDP) automates the process so that each direct mail piece looks as though it’s been expressly designed and printed for a single person. Smartly executed, it maximizes the relevance of your direct mail piece and drives increased responses. You can mix and match images and messaging to target your direct mail piece to each recipient, which in turn increases the number of measurable responses. The opportunity to provide different offers based on targeted, personally relevant data is endless. The power of Variable Data Printing is explosive, generating response rates 3-10 times higher than traditional direct mail.

Your personalized direct mail campaigns are more effective when you target your recipients, using text, imagery and offers customized to their unique needs. Our direct mail team has been providing VDP for our clients for over a decade.

PURL Technology

Do you want a way to be able to direct your clients to your website from a direct mail piece in a way that is easily tracked and measured? PURLs, also known as Personalized URLs, are personalized websites or mini websites that are designed for a specific person and create that personal touch.

Benefits of PURLs

  • Improves conversion rates
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Maximizes response rates to direct mail campaigns
  • Gathers information to use for additional marketing efforts
  • Provides insight on customer’s on-line habits
  • Tracks which campaigns spark interest from customers

The cumulative result of implementing Variable Data Printing and PURLs within your marketing plan produces more engaging promotions, better analytics and tracking, plus a higher return on investment.

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